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Sobti Neuro & Super Speciality Hospital

Sobti Neuro Hospital was started by Dr. M.K. Sobti in the year 2001. He is the first Punjabi Neurosurgeon who started neurosurgery in North India. After completing his training from PGI Chandigarh in 1990 he joined as Consultant Neurosurgeon at Sir J.J. Group of Hospital and Medical College, Mumbai but the love for his native place brought him back & he joined Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana in 1991. Since then patients with head & spine injuries, aneurysms, brain tumours & other ailments of brain and spine who first had to rush to Delhi or Chandigarh for treatment started getting treatment at Ludhiana & thus lives of many could be saved. Dr. Sobti worked as Head of Neurosurgery Deptt. at DMC & H for 11 years. Dr. M.K. Sobti started his own Neurosurgical Centre with the aim of providing timely intervention & good care at affordable price to all patients.

Dr. Sobti is the first neurosurgeon to start Stereotactic Neurosurgery (i.e. Burr Hole Brain surgery) in this part of country for which he got training in Sheffied (UK) & Amsterdam (Holland). With Stereotactic Surgery the doctor can operate on any portion of brain with high accuracy i.e. with less than 1 mm error. Using this technique deep-seated brain which is inoperable with routine surgery can be operated without damaging the surrounding brain.

Dr. Sobti got State Award from the Chief Minister of Punjab on 15 August 1994 for excellence in the field of Neurosurgery & his dedicated service to the mankind.

Sobti Neuro & Super Speciality Hospital has operated more than 15000 cases of brain & spine. Patients with brain hemorrhage due to aneurysm i.e ballooning of blood vessels or AVM (i.e cluster of blood vessels) the who have sudden onset of severe headache & neck stiffness are routinely operated here (Aneurysmal Clipping). Earlier this type of facility was available in Delhi & Chandigarh. Patients with spine problems like slip disc, non alignment of vertebra and spine injury leading to weakness in lower limbs, backache, bladder or bowel problems are treated efficiently and their problems are cured forever.

Why Choose Us?

(i) Sobti Neuro & Super Speciality Hospital is a dedicated neurosurgical and multi-speciality hospital dealing with care and efficiency. There are lots of satisfied patients who have been treated here with proper diagnosis in time. Patients from whole of Punjab and parts of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir regularly visit the hospital.

(ii) The Hospital has started Minimal Invasive Neurosurgery in the form of Endoscopic Neurosurgery. This is a latest technique with which you can operate upon certain type of brain tumors & hydrocephalus.

(iii) The Hospital has a seperate SPECIALISED TRAUMA CARE UNIT for treatment of patients with head & spine injuries and polytrauma.

(iv) The ICU is fully equipped with multipara monitors, ventilators, trained staff and has full time supervision of Anaesthetist and Physician.

(v) There is stroke ICU for serious patients with Paralysis. Patients with stroke in which there is sudden weakness of one side of body (PARALYSIS), difficulty in speaking or complete loss of speech, loss of eyesight are being cured here.